How Your Life Became Commercial

If you believe about this, is not your lifetime nearly completely controlled by business? These holy concepts secured from the alleged breathing, dwelling, and continuously changing record named our Structure, all have become industrial in character, and controlled by professional law.

What we believed were our lives, our home, and our freedom, aren’t under our stewardship. We so managed by industrial legislation, and have become vessels of business — and people individual rights have grown to be socialistic rights. We’ve nearly completely forgotten the substance of what it’s to become an American – individual freedom.

How do I say this? It is simple… I examined law’s fundamental concepts. With no, I’m not a lawyer, or am I going to give legal counsel to you… From wherever our legislation starts but I’ll demonstrate. Our Constitution plainly says that all these privileges alive, freedom, and home were rendered by our Founder, and also that is supported by the record. However many Americans today appear to think that we get our rights.

Instance in the local paper of the small town start story. This might appear foolish, but I guarantee you that it’s practical:


Johnny Qubert Individual was created recently, July 4, 1975, within the Anytown clinic, to Jane and John Individual. The sweet little baby was 7 pounds. 6 oz., 20-inches long, and had feet and all his hands. And people sweet small footprints seem fantastic about the clinic Birth Certificate. Congratulations Jane and John.

Instance of the start story that is theoretical three days later…

This paper does not truly realize why, but we’ve unearthed that based on the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, on that exact same evening, within the same clinic, JOHNNY QUBERT INDIVIDUAL was obviously created from the same parents, as displayed with a CERTIFICATION OF LIVE START submitted using the Condition. No fat and peak details were documented, also it appears this JOHNNY is really another person, in the one created on a single day-to Jane and John Individual, since the title is spelled. The title contains several mounted on it, and is spelled in most capital letters. It’s apparent this INDIVIDUAL was created that evening, as his mom closed the CERTIFICATE but she keeps she just gave 1 child birth. It appears certainly a rash are of those amazing births because it is occurring whenever a newborn makes the planet as of this clinic happening. We welcome them though. I suppose.

Can the above mentioned not be false?

We almost all were named in noun type, with lower-case characters and top – and our unique clinic ‘Birth Certificate’ plainly displays the spelling – like Johnny Qubert Individual for example.

Nevertheless several days after our delivery, something curious occurs. Another distinctive certification of delivery is created. A ‘CERTIFICATE OF LIVE DELIVERY’ is done under an identical (however diverse) title, and submitted using the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, to recognize it is ownership. It’d be called for example, having an unique spelling, JOHNNY QUBERT INDIVIDUAL. Notice all capital letters. Today if that individual was certainly us, not believe they’d mean it just like our given title at delivery? Why could they insist about the all-capital letters? Good sense shows that they’d don’t have any reason to alter the spelling today might they?

So it appears for whatever reason, the U.S. government-created an entirely individual ‘individual’ in-law, that it’s recognized as the home of it’s. Then just how can we be viewed it is home if we’re actually the sovereigns who produced government? The can’t that is produced possess the founder, manages to do it? That does not seem sensible, does it? Therefore government-created another ‘individual’ that it works like a car of business, and possesses. And scarcely anyone appears to realize that both individuals are special.

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